Building Automation


AV Solution

Background Music System plays a variety of carefully selected music to suit the clientele of your restaurant, bar or club. A correctly profiled background music system can influence your customers to stay longer & spend more.

  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Create playlists and schedule them to play at different times of the day.
  • Automatically mix your music and announcements.
  • Create multiple zones (up to 16) that let you play specific music and announcements to specific areas.
  • Play your own advertisements.
  • Use as a PA system for live announcements.
  • Network with other computers and let others make announcements.
  • Adjustable announcement volume level lets you make your announcements play louder than your music.
  • Superior sound quality with in-built digital signal processor, dynamic range compressor and an active EQ.
  • Automatically compress music to reduce hard drive requirements and to speed online updates
  • Play CDs, Mp3 files and more.