Building Automation


Structure cabling

We supply cables and network solutions for structures of all types like residence to public and office building and big industrial complexes. We provide pioneered fire performance cables for public safety and create industrial Ethernet solutions to unite the office and the factory floor platform and ensured easy recyclability. These products contribute to the sustainable building of the future.

The basic requirement of an intelligent building is consistent and scalable cabling infrastructure should be one that will be flexible for the requirements of the day and for the next 15- 20 years. Rove installs, terminates, tests and commissions the latest category 6 giga speed cable infrastructure using UTP and fiber optic technology. Using single and multimode fiber back bone without any hassle.

In the present era of convergence of the data, voice, controls, management and audio visuals over the Ethernet, a well designed cabling infrastructure is essential for an intelligent building where technologies are implemented.