Building Automation


Home Automation Systems

A smart home enhances your everyday lifestyle. Automation system simplifies all the technology in your home/office offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort, convenience control, security and energy efficiency.  For total energy conservation and comfort, we provide European Insta Bus (EIB) and C-Bus which provides total solution to building control and automation.


C-Bus does the thinking for you. It can dramatically improve the ambiance of your home for any occasion or mood, while also enjoying greater levels of comfort.


You’ll love coming home more than ever! Set the system at your convenience – C-Bus does the rest.


C-Bus Home Control adds a “wow factor” without intruding on the aesthetics of your interior décor. Smart home technology also greatly improves the usability and functionality of any home.


C-Bus Home Control can provide greater safety and complete peace of mind when integrated with your security system.

Energy Efficiency

With C-Bus, your home can be smart and energy efficient, while also enhancing your lifestyle.