Building Automation


Security System

We provide security products for comprehensive security solutions that are compatible to its application. Our burglar systems are capable of supporting hundred of zones. We provide solutions that offer integrated control and monitoring of electronic access control, security management and digital CCTV surveillance.


Lighting & Dimming

Rove Automation offers a full range of lighting control solutions for dimming, switching, presence detection/motion sensor for common area and timer control for the parking areas or external lighting. Always advancing the technology of Lighting Control systems, Rove provides centralized systems, distributed systems, or a combination of both for any venue.


Structure cabling

We supply cables and network solutions for structures of all types like residence to public and office building and big industrial complexes. We provide pioneered fire performance cables for public safety and create industrial Ethernet solutions to unite the office and the factory floor platform and ensured easy recyclability. These products contribute to the sustainable building of the future.