Building Automation


Hotel Automation

The Guest Room Control System enables hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple, function from single panel in their room including lighting, temperature, curtain, AV system & courtesy panel.

The GRMS enable hotel guests to experience comfort through smart panel (Bed side)


Guest Room Energy Management Systems

Rove Automation partnered with ESDL to provide property managers with a system that significantly reduces energy requirements without impacting guest comfort or the brand value of the hotel chain.

REMS is a state-of-the-art solution to manage the energy used in a guest room. It operates by identifying the presence or non-presence of human activity and adjusting or suspending power to services according to the parameters and requirements of the user eliminating unnecessary consumption.


Home Automation Systems

A smart home enhances your everyday lifestyle. Automation system simplifies all the technology in your home/office offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort, convenience control, security and energy efficiency.  For total energy conservation and comfort, we provide European Insta Bus (EIB) and C-Bus which provides total solution to building control and automation.